We are a London-based software development agency empowering businesses to grow.

At NAMA, we are obsessed with results. Our entire focus is on what we create and ensuring it adds value to the user’s life. A good design will intrigue customers, but great usability brings them back.

That is why we have senior team members with a combined experience of over 50 years providing cutting-edge solutions for our partners.

All our projects follow the Agile methodology to create real value at a pace. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, as we take a hands-on approach to ensure technical requirements are well understood.


  • Tailored serviced based on your needs
  • Affordable rates that do not cost an arm & leg
  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • End to end solution including project management
  • London based with 24/7 support available
Nama aids ambitious enterprises seeking to scale through
digital transformation. 

Working in an agile way, all development is centred around
adding business value and yield a high return on investment.

Nama serves start-ups by bringing their vision to life!

From early concept design to launching the product,
Nama Tech harnesses years of expertise to make it a
smooth journey for young startups.

Whether you are a startup founder, company director or sole
trader, Nama can serve in bringing your business dream to life.

Working in an agile way, we can deliver real business value
through digital transformation.

Digital development can transform a business into a real
global leader, through harnessing the scalability of our code.
Mobile applications is a growing market and businesses
cannot afford to not have a presence.

We are obsessed with results. Our entire focus is on what we
create and ensuring it adds value to a customer’s life. A good
design will really intrigue customers, however great usability
will ensure that the application can be a source of power for
the customer who will rely on it for all their needs.

Meet Our Team

Elma Narimani

iOS Developer

Hadi Emami

Project Manager

Hassan Hamza

Web Designer


Web Designer

Mehdi Baraka

Web Developer

Mohammad Naeimi

Web Developer

Mohammed Salam

iOS Developer


Project Manager

Our expertise can assist in all aspects of a project’s life cycle.

From design to security

we have made it our mission to aid clients throughout the entire process.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality digital products for our clients 

A good standard of code will pay for itself once  integrated with an already functional business  strategy.  

As technology advances  continue to revolutionise the industry, there are more and more solutions offering a code-free website or mobile application builder. These solutions are great for some, but limited for others.  

For a business looking to expand beyond a website or application with limited  functionality, we can deliver a structured & well researched solution that delivers the desired outcome.

Our culture is built upon creating clean code to the highest level at an affordable rate for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Requirement based solutions are centred on providing real business value without the lag.

Creating code in this way,ensures that no time is wasted developing code that will not be used.

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Whether you want to design or develop your next project, we can help you grow through our experience in all aspects concerning digital development.

Speak to us today to arrange for a free consultation on how we can deliver you results to elevate your business.

Utilise our experience in building digital products and bring your idea to life! All that’s required from you is the IDEA.

Leave the rest to us and we will work to make your concept into a reality.

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